Mansfield Public Schools

New Employee Onboarding

Welcome to the Mansfield Public Schools!

Congratulations on your new position! We are excited to have you join our team and look forward to working with you.

Prior to your first day of work, we need you to complete some required paperwork and training.

There are five steps to the on-boarding process:

  1. Complete the Required State Ethics Training - See Step 1.
  2. Complete the Acknowledgment of Receipt of Conflict of Interest Information Form - See Step 2. (Note: You will be required to print and sign this document and you will be asked to upload it in step 5)
  3. Complete the Mandated Training Modules - See Step 3. (Note: This is a two part process; In part 1 you will complete the mandated training and in part 2 you will submit the Mandated Training Verification Form. Both links for this two part process can be found below in Step 3)
  4. Gather Additional Documents - Immunizations - See Step 4. (Note: You can upload these documents during Step 4 or you can provide a hard copy to Human Resources)
  5. Complete the New Employee On-boarding Employment Forms - See Step 5.

Please complete these 5 steps in order.

1. Complete Online State Ethics Training - This training will take 10-15 minutes to complete and is required for every state, county, and municipal employee per Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009, Ethics Reform Law.

You can access the Conflict of Interest Law Online Training Program for municipal employees at

  • After completing the program, print and/or save the Certificate of Completion file to your computer. You will be required to upload it during the on-boarding process.

Caution: Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to complete this form. Using Google Chrome will prevent your name from printing on the Certificate of Completion

2. After completing step 1, Please click here to access the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees. Please read through this document and print and sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Conflict of Interest found on page 11. You will be asked to upload this signed page during the On-boarding process in step 5.

3. Mandated Training Modules for Mansfield Public Schools (MPS) - This training will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

All Mansfield Public Schools employees are required to complete the Mandated Training on an annual basis. Completing this training is required as a condition of employment. As a new hire, you are required to complete these training modules within the first 5 days of employment.

*If you are hired at the end of the school year and will start in September DO NOT COMPLETE this training. You will be required to complete this training in September of the new school year.


If you require hard copies of the training modules, please contact Human Resources at


Additional Forms - Please provide an updated record of the following:


      • Hepatitis B Documentation
      • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Documentation
      • Td (Tetanus) Documentation
      • Varicella (Chicken Pox) Documentation (this can be verbal confirmation)

If you do not want to upload these documents during Step 5, you may deliver them directly to Human Resources

Complete the New Employee Onboarding Employment Forms

You should have received an email from with instructions on how to complete your new employee paperwork. It normally takes 15 - 20 minutes to complete these forms. The email has a link to complete the following forms:

    1. CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information)
    2. Information on Fingerprinting or information on a Letter of Suitability
    3. Employment Application (if not previously completed)
    4. Affirmative Action Certificate
    5. Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) and Instructions
    6. Form 1945, Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security
    7. W-4 Federal Tax Withholding
    8. M-4 Massachusetts State Tax Withholding
    9. Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
    10. Staff Emergency Information Form
    11. Policy Acknowledgment Form

If you require hard copies of these forms, please contact Human Resources at 508-851-6409.

Thank you for completing the initial onboarding process for the Mansfield Public Schools! We look forward to meeting with you to review your paperwork, complete paperwork for additional benefits such as pensions and health insurance, and answer any questions.

When you come in for your appointment with Human Resources please remember to bring identification documents from the I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Acceptable Document List.

If you will be signing up for health insurance please bring in your birth certificate. If you are also signing up for health insurance for your children and/or spouse please bring in their birth certificates and your marriage certificate.

If you have any questions please contact Human Resources at 508-851-6409.